Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s just some strange people! What is it about airports that makes for the best people watching? Is it that we cross paths with a more diverse group of people, or is there something about travel and flying that just gives people a one way ticket to “Crazy Town” … We don’t really know. But what we do know is that these photos are some of the STRANGEST photos we’ve EVER seen. We guarantee it will be the same for you, too.


Airport and airplane amenities are sometimes not the most comfortable, especially if you’re travelling in economy class. So we have nothing against this woman bringing her own travel pillow, which looks comfortable, and should help her get some rest in the airport or on the plane. But careful how you carry it, unless you want people doing a serious double take! Maybe she knows exactly how it looks, and she’s just being “cheeky!”

pillow butt cheeks

Shoe Shine

These hard-working airport employees spend all day shining people’s shoes for a living. Maybe the customers are going right to a business meeting when they get off the plane, or maybe they left home in such a hurry that they didn’t manage to finish their usual grooming routine. Either way, the shoe-shiners have plenty of business. These might have been their strangest clientele though, two knights, either en-route to comic con, or to battle a dragon.

shoe shine in armor

Ready to Party

Flights can be very long even take a day or two. Most people like to dress in comfortable clothing to the airport and the flight such as wearing sweatpants and flat shoes. Women usually give up on using their high heels if they know they’re going to be out and about for a long time. This girl in the picture obviously doesn’t think like most people. Her idea of comfortable airport attire consists of a tight mini red dress and high heels. She looks like she is ready to go to a party right off the plane. And those heels wow they are so high hopefully her flight wasn’t too long. She obviously stood out in the midst of sweatpants and hoodies.

Celebs Are People Too

Not even Kim Kardashian West can skip the invasive airports check of TSA. Don’t they know who she is? Well it looks like no matter how famous you are, you go through it like everyone else pat down and everything. Of course only when she goes to the airport the paps are racing to get the pictures. This photo caught the moment when the TSA worker was checking Kim before her flight at the Los Angeles International airport.

Hands Up

The security workers at the airport look at everyone very closely but it seems like this girl got another extra look from the guy in the background of the photo. This woman was stopped by security while running late to a flight. She insisted that she had a flight and that they should let her through. The security guard was very determined to do his job and  would not let her leave so fast. It turns out she ended up missing her flight because of the extra security check. We hope she got to her destination in time!

Caught In The Act

Security guards have very important jobs as you know. They are the ones that have to keep us all safe at the airport and we need them for that. It seems this security guard got a little too into his job when he saw this young lady walk to the security station. Afterall it is a very serious job. So as you see she maybe stood out a little bit that he decided to take her aside for a more thorough checkup. It seems that his boss caught him doing this unnecessary checkup and is giving him a good old scolding. Oh no, what a photo! Sorry man you’re done! Poor guy was just doing his job.

Ruined Passport

Rookie mistake, leaving your passport anywhere near your unattended children! Kids love to draw, and a passport looks like a fun blank canvas for any mischievous toddler with a pen and an imagination. And that’s exactly what happened here. I’d love to know whether they accepted the passport as a valid method of ID after this happened, or whether the family missed their flight as a result. He’ll keep it in his pocket next time!

ruined passport

Crashed Plane

Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, is a busy airport, which had one kind of frightening tourist attraction, the crashed remains of flight 372, Dagestan Airlines. The plane broke into three pieces when it crash landed, causing two deaths as well as 92 injuries. As the pieces of the plane had to be used in the trial of the pilot, they couldn’t be removed immediately, causing this unsettling sight for planes on take off.

crashed plane

Doggie DooDoo

How… innovative? A dog restroom in the airport, perfect for anyone travelling with pets. While you might not enjoy having animals on your flight, or maybe you love having furry friends to pass the time with onboard, you can’t avoid the truth that animals have to go somewhere! Here’s the perfect rest stop for them before they get on the plane, complete with a dire hydrant, doggie’s fave place to go!

dog toilet airport

Phone Charger

These machines can be a life saver, especially with modern day phones dubious battery life. Just sitting in the airport waiting for your flight can run your battery down to zero. And you’ll need to preserve it to call for your taxi on the other side, or just to keep up with emails and social media while you’re on your travels. But hey, you’re gonna charge me for charging up? No way, Jose, this guy found a smarter way!

airport charging station


Animals on planes can split people’s opinions, but it’s usually limited to dogs and cats, and normally in cages or boxes. But when you’re royalty, things are a little bit different! The Saudi Prince has documentation for all of his falcons, allowing them to travel around the Middle East with him. In this case, he managed to get the airline, Qatar, to agree to an incredible 80 falcons on board! We hope they were well behaved during the in-flight movie!

falcons on plane

My Names Forrest…

Did someone forget to tell us about the movie character lookalike competitions this weekend? I can’t imagine the double-takes that this guy would have elicited in his full Forrest Gump attire, complete with suit, shoes and haircut. I wonder whether he could do the voice as well? No idea where he’s heading, but we hope he’s running late, so we can all join together in shouting those famous words at him…

forrest gump

Awkward Check

It must very annoying to get a serious pat down like this right before a vacation especially when all you can think about is all the fun you are going to have. This girl sure doesn’t look too happy to be there. Apparently she seemed a little suspicious and the security at the airport decided she needed to be patted down. If you look closely in the background there are some her friends who have also intrigued the security guards and were asked to remove a clothing item or two as well. What where they all up to?

Trump and His Cheerleaders

Back when he was a business man Donald Trump was always flying all around the world for his business ventures. He never traveled alone though because as you know for Trump even arriving at the airport is done in an extremely extravagant way. Yes as you can see he arrived at the airport and got off his plane with a group of not one but six girls who look like they all just came out of a fashion show. All of them dressed with their best party dress and decked out with hair and makeup. He seems very happy with the situation and obviously everything is photographed.

Airport Gymnastics

I can’t stop looking at this amazing photo! And I can’t decide who I’m the most impressed by. The guy on top, who is balancing on just one hand, seemingly effortlessly, or the guy underneath, nonchalantly reading that book, while holding up the whole weight of the first guy! We bet if we asked him to explain what he’s reading, he wouldn’t be able to remember a word though! These guys are known on social media for their stunts.

airport gymnastics

Suspicious Cargo

We know the drill, since security procedures have been ramped up to the max, you need to take off all jackets and often shoes, take everything out of your pockets, and put all bags and belongings through the scanner. But this woman might be taking things a little bit too far, if her baby just went through the X-ray machines which the rest of her carry on! Maybe it’s just a perfect playpen while she puts her shoes back on!

baby in airport security

The Smoothest Husband

After a break from our partners, it’s fun to have a joke or two on your return. This husband came to pick up his wife, but instead of just waiting for her by arrivals, he decided to dress up as a chauffer or a taxi driver, and bring a little sign. Rather than use her name, he gave her a flattering welcome with the sign “Smokin’ Hot Italian Chick”! We bet her colleagues from the work trip had a good laugh, but she is probably used to his sense of humor by now!

husband pick up airport

Adorable but Illegible

You can just imagine this little girl excitedly creating a welcome home poster for her… mommy? Daddy? Grandma? Who knows really! The poster has the word welcome at the top, but after that, it just becomes an adorable scribble. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and we hope whoever the sign is for enjoys it, despite it being totally and utterly illegible! It’s the thought that counts, hopefully she will never forget that!

illegible sign airport arrivals

Road Design Gone Wrong

Gibraltar is a small place, that’s for sure, and they can’t be wasting any unnecessary space on complex road design. Y’know, like giving the airport its own land which doesn’t cross with an intersection for a busy highway. When you’re flying in to see the Rock of Gibraltar, you’ll need to wait for the lights to turn red allowing traffic to stop as you come in for landing. Now that’s got to be an amazing sight for the cars!

Double Reins

Reins are a smart way to keep kids in check in busy places, although some people hate them, seeing them as a way of treating your kids like animals, and not necessary if you improve your parenting skills. Whatever way you fall in the debate, you have to feel sorry for this mom, who is just trying to keep her two under control, but has been foiled by them running in opposite directions! Bribery may be next on the check list here!

double reins

An Unnecessary Sign

How close do you have to get to a plane to need this warning? It reads “Jet blast of departing and arriving aircraft can cause severe physical harm resulting in extreme bodily harm and/or death.” What do they think passengers are doing, hanging out behind the airplane on the landing strip to see what the blast feels like at take off? When it comes to crazy warning signs, this one is definitely one of our favorites.

jet blast sign warning

Get a Room!

If you’re flying from or to Aalborg in Denmark, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a specific area for you to greet your loved ones, or say goodbye before a long separation. It’s even meant to encourage kissing and cuddling! But remember, keep to the three minute limit, to make space for other travellers who want to get friendly, and to make sure that you aren’t getting too excited! Save something for the reunion back home, eh?

kiss limit at the airport


Sometimes those waiting times in airports can be crazy, especially if your flight ends up getting delayed. And without a first class ticket, there’s nowhere to wait but the usual economy seating. How annoying when the hand rails on the seats stop you from lying down! This woman had a bright idea, and contorted herself into the seats, body first, so that she could lie flat and get some much needed shut-eye. What a clever woman!

layunder airport

What a Line

Security can be long and arduous, especially when there are a lot of people in front of you. If you’re flying at a random time of day, and had to get up before dawn, or are making your way through the airport to do list in the middle of the night, you might need a bit of a rest. This guy felt that way anyway, and so decided to have a little lie down while he waited for his turn in line. He doesn’t look too comfortable, but hey!

long lines airport

Suitcase Special

Have you ever lost your luggage at the airport? It’s the absolute worst, and in the back of your mind, you always wonder whether it’s been stolen by someone else. This guy managed to come up with a fool proof solution to stolen or misplaced luggage, having his face printed on his suitcases! No one is going to pick that one up by mistake, and it must be easy as 1, 2, 3 to spot it going round the luggage carousel at baggage claim. Smart!

suitcase with portrait on

Carousel Crazy

Sometimes it isn’t only suitcases and cargo going around the luggage carousel. In this case, it’s a human! Maybe the parents got distracted looking for their cases, or maybe the kid has some energy stored up from sitting on a long-haul flight. You have to admit it’s pretty funny to be looking out for your suitcases and to see a small child there instead. Hopefully they didn’t get into too much trouble, as they aren’t hurting anyone.

luggage carousel


Carrying everything at the airport can be a real struggle, especially with young kids in tow. If you forgot the stroller, and your young ones are tired, why not try this clever solution to a difficult challenge? Put your kid on top of the suitcase, tilt, and just pull them along! We’re kidding, we don’t suggest trying this one yourselves, just imagine the fright if she fell off? Yikes! It is a pretty impressive sleeping position though!

luggage with child airport

Man vs Beast

For the show Man vs Beast, a whole slew of small people managed to pull along a gigantic aircraft with just their own strength, although it turned out that an Elephant could do it faster. This is a photo of the incredible feat, and is just one example of the amazing things which people attempted for the show. Others included gymnast vs orangutan, and professional eater against a bear, testing who could eat the most hotdogs!

man vs beast airplane pull

Nun Checks

Security at the airport is of the utmost importance, and they aren’t kidding when they say that everyone is a suspect nowadays. Whether it’s testing the liquids in your baby’s bottle, or checking out this nun’s habit, everyone needs to comply with regulations, because there are some real sickos out there who will definitely dress up or take a chance on you not asking them too many questions. This lady was clearly happy to help.

nun check airport


Sometimes the lines at the airport are super long, and you stand there wondering what on earth could be taking all of this time. The answers you want to hear are that the staff are being vigilant, and that security checks take time, or there are just a whole lot of people to process. What you don’t want to hear, is that the staff are busy playing computer games, like this photo of one employee in the middle of a game of Solitaire!

security playing solitaire

“Out of Cereal”

Creative airport pick up signs are all the rage, especially since the chance of going viral on social media happened, but we think this one might be half serious, half joking! This guy turned up to pick up his parents, dressed in his pyjamas, and with the hilarious sign “Welcome Home Mom and Dad, We’re Out of Cereal”. We bet he’s pretty glad his parents are back home so he can have a nice home cooked meal and get some laundry done!

airport pick up sign cereal


You’re looking at Brazilian Pilot Daniel Centeno, who is not just a pilot, but also made a name for himself as a daredevil, gaining himself seventy seven Instagram followers with his insane photos, all allegedly taken while flying planes, most of which are selfies. This one was taken in Dubai, by the Palm Islands. Turns out, he was a bit of a fraud, as all of his photos were actually photo-shopped, and would have killed him if they had been taken in real life.

plane selfie


We think they could fit just one more suitcase on that trolley no? Imagine trying to move this trolley, to take the suitcases from their precarious spot to anywhere else in the airport? It would be impossible, and these trolleys are actually part of an art installation and exhibit at Sacramento airport, meant to make the place look more interesting. And there we were thinking it was an elaborate game of Tetris.

overloaded trolley at airport

Star Wars

Imagine being at the airport arrivals line when this guy showed up! I hope he didn’t take a whole flight in that get up, as the amount of space there is on planes makes for an uncomfortable journey even out of costume! We love how he’s being met by StormTroopers, with the sign Vader ready, in case they could be looking for anyone else! If we were there, we definitely would have been humming his iconic theme music.

star wars airport


Welcome Home from Prison Mom! The signs are hilarious whether they are true or not. If they are true, then maybe the kids want to think about being a bit less specific, as she probably doesn’t want the whole airport knowing where she’s coming from, even if she was a visitor! If it’s not true, then one of this family thought up a hilarious joke, and convinced the others to play along. Imagine what a red face she must have had when she saw them!

welcome home from prison mom sign airport


This guy has had experience getting ill on a plane before. What else could be the reason to basically fly with his entire face covered up?! Not just a face mask, but an eye mask too, couldn’t he find something to go over the rest of the skin on display? If I had a cold, I’d certainly keep away from this germaphobe, as he seems to be quite serious about staying healthy! We hope he can breathe under there, and that his flight isn’t too long!

germaphobe on the plane

Snow Globes

The security at the airport is there to keep you safe, as you can see from the tagline on this sign. Your safety is absolutely their top priority. So that’s why anything dangerous can’t be taken on the plane, from knives and scissors, to potential poisons, weapons, and…. Snow globes? I can’t think of the last time I saw anyone approaching threateningly with a snow globe, so I wonder what they were thinking here?

snow globe ban on plane


Ah, this guy missed his lady so much, that he couldn’t wait a minute longer to pop that question, getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him at the arrivals lounge. From the look on her face, she had no idea this was about to happen, either! While some people will say “out of sight, out of mind” this is clearly a case of absence making the heart grow fonder! I bet they couldn’t wait to share their exciting news.

propose at the airport gate


A strange place to sit, she isn’t going to get much done from that vantage point. This pilot is none other than Maria Pettersson, who is from Sweden, and well known for her love of both aviation…. And yoga! Her social media often talks about the way she destresses before and after flying, and her meditation is one of those examples. Here she is, trying out a yoga pose and some meditation in a plane-inspired tableau.

yoga master in the propellor

Welcome Home Mokie

Friends, eh? Who’d have them? These guys obviously thought it was hilarious to meet their college friend home from the airport with this gigantic blown up photo, and they chose the most unflattering one they could possibly find! It looks like he was squashed up against a window, or maybe purposely doing the most unphotogenic post he could think of. Little did he know how they would use it to get the last laugh!

welcome home mokie


These guys wanted to get some writing done on their journey, but rather than bring a laptop, or y’know, a pen and paper, they decided that the right call would be to grab that uniquely portable and lightweight writing tool…. A typewriter! This seems like such a strange choice, but maybe they were worried about being able to charge up, or maybe this is a cool new way to write your thoughts down, who knows?


The stairs to nowhere

Of course, unless you have super duper long legs, there’s no way you’re getting into an aircraft without a passenger staircase. Most of the time, you’re called onto the staircase as the plane is ready to leave – so we’re not sure what these guys are doing. Are they waiting for an invisible plane? Are they walking the stairs to nowhere? Are they taking part in a contest to see how many people they can fit onto a staircase? Anyway, they look silly.

A group of people are standing on a staircase in the middle of an airfield, with no plane near them

Epic translations

It’s safe to say that before or after a long-haul flight, you’re going to need to use the restrooms. If you’ve landed in a foreign country, trying to find the bathrooms and trying to read signs can be pretty darn difficult. Luckily, this country has got it just right. Not only have they given a pretty detailed description of where the toilets are located, but they’ve also given you a pretty detailed description of what to do when you’re there. If you catch our drift.

An airport sign reads, ‘For restrooms, go back toward your behind’

In plane sight

Some people love flying, and there are others who can’t stand it. We must admit, we get why some people are scared of flying hundreds of thousands of feet in the air, in a giant metal object that shouldn’t be able to float in the air in the first place – especially when you have to put your life in the hands of a random pilot you’ve never met before. We can’t imagine the sight of this plane would help any weary passengers, either.

A small aircraft has driven into an airport building and crashed into it

Legs Eleven

The airport is one of the only places in the world where people from all over the globe can come together, mingle, and interact. This photograph is the perfect example of that. Although the women obviously didn’t want to talk to the guy who was checking her out, the pair became even more connected when a hilarious glass reflection resulted in an unfortunate leg-swap. Well, he’s got better legs than we’ve got, so if you’ve got it – flaunt it!

A man walks down a travelator and looks like he has long, slender legs because of the reflection

Taking a nap

Flying is all fun and games until your flight is delayed or canceled. Nope, nothing comes close to the anger and sadness you feel at having to wait in the airport for ten hours. There’s nowhere to sleep, and there’s nowhere to eat because all of the shops are closed, and the airport chairs are extremely uncomfortable. So what do you do? Well, this little girl has got it just right. You find a space on the floor, and you take a nap.

A little girl takes a nap in the middle of the airport floor after her plane is delayed

The King of Metal

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that you don’t make jokes while you’re going through security. Instead, you wait until you’ve been cleared of all metals, explosives, and other harmful objects before you start cracking out jokes – because airport security guards don’t have a sense of humor. Nevertheless, it seems this cool dude forgot that he was wearing his ‘I am the Kind of Metal’ T-Shirt. We reckon he got an extra long pat-down for that one.

A man waits in line at security with an ‘I am the King of Metal T-Shirt on

Getting comfortable

The worst thing about traveling abroad is the waiting. You have to wait to go through security, you have to wait for your plane to arrive, and then you have to wait on the plane – it’s tiring stuff, y’know. When you’re on your own, getting a quick kip in is pretty difficult. But if you’ve got another person to hand, you can contort your bodies and become your own personal pillow! It doesn’t look comfortable, but it’s better than the chair.

A couple lay on each other in the airport lounge, and have a quick nap before boarding

Security blankets

Unfortunately, there is just no controlling airplanes. As much as airport control can direct you and try to keep you on track and on time, there’s nothing that can be done if the plane runs into bad weather. It seems these guys got stranded when their flight was canceled, but they managed to make do with what they had and create a pretty chilled environment for themselv.es They’ve got recliner chairs and blankets – what more could you need?

A group of people lies on recliner chairs with blankets over them in the airport lounge

Keeping it casual

Let’s be honest, getting ready for the security screening at the airport is becoming more in-depth every time you go through. You have to remove your shoes, your belt, any metal objects you have on you, and your jackets. It seems this guy got fed up with wondering which items they wanted him to remove, so made it pretty simple for the security guards. Yep, he walked through in his lovely pink underpants and made it clear he wasn’t packing anything he shouldn’t.

A man stands in line at security wearing a pair of pink underwear and holding his clothes

Hugging it out

One of the most wonderful things about the airport is that it brings everyone together. Through all of the stress, excitement, happiness, and sadness of going on vacation, moving away from loved ones or returning home from a long trip, emotions run high – and sometimes you just don’t know what to do with it. These adorable little kids were obviously feeling the strain of the airport and decided to just hug it out in the middle of the terminal.

Two kids who have never met before hug it out in the middle of the airport terminal

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